RIMEBURG cattery was established in 1984 and registered in FIFe.
My first cats were persians.
In 1994 when I was on the show in Warsaw I saw burmese and it was love from the first sight.
That was a cat from first burmese cattery in Poland SAH - MED owned by two friends
Zbyszek Żak and Jarek Grądkowski.
So soon I became proud owner of sable burmese female Paloma,
who lives with me till now.
And now I understand the words of Viola Niewieć from Czechowice - Dziedzice
who told me one day that who has no burmese cat , does not know really what the cat is.
So from 1994 I am devoted to burmese cats.

All my cats are tested negative for FeLV & FIV.

My cats live in two houses